My approach

I train Clients using the Principles of Joseph Pilates "Contrology".


Since it is the first and last thing we do in life, it is essential that we inhale deeply, bringing oxygen to the brain, lungs and heart and exhale completely cleansing the lungs and blood stream.


Using strong concentration to execute the exercises properly and more efficiently brings better body awareness.


Your center is your "House of Power”, located between the bottom of your ribs and the line across your hip bones. Pilates referred to this area as the “girdle of strength”. Strong foundation, strong house!


Control is required for quality practice. Being in full control of each movement is essential for progress and prevention of injuries.


Flowing movements outward from a strong center, like a Cat. Nothing should be stiff or jerky, too fast or too slow.


Breathing properly, concentrating on controlling your center with fluid motion is the essence of precision. Each of these principles should be a part of everyday life.

Who was Pilates?

A little history

Today Pilates is a worldwide phenomenon, people of all walks of life are discovering the physical benefits. Once known as a precious secret of the dance community, now Pilates is improving the various sports techniques of athletes, swimmers, golf- and tennis players. In conjunction with physical therapists and doctors, Pilates is used as a rehabilitation tool after pregnancies, major injuries, scoliosis and complications of old age.  

The Pilates method of exercise was created by Joseph H. Pilates, who was born in 1880 in Germany. Frail and weak, suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a teenager, J. Pilates overcame his physical limitations with Greek and Roman exercise regimes and body building. As an adult Pilates went to England, where he worked as a self-defense instructor for detectives at Scotland Yard. At the outbreak of World War 1, he was interned as an “enemy alien” with other German nationals. During his internship, Pilates refined his revolutionary ideas and trained other internees in his system of exercise. Rigging springs to hospital beds, he enabled bedridden patients to exercise against resistance, an innovation that led to his later equipment designs and a system he named "Contrology". 

After being released from England and returning back to Germany, his exercise method gained favor in the dance community. In 1926, he opened a fitness studio in New York, sharing a building with the New York City Ballet, where he trained the likes of the late George Balanchine and Martha Graham.

About me

"My first introduction to Pilates was as a young dancer, where I immediately witnessed amazing results in my health and a deeper connection of body strength and awareness."

I started my career as a dancer, receiving my dance training/ education at the Baltimore School for the Arts, School of American Ballet (NY), Alvin Ailey Dance School (NY) and San Francisco Ballet School.

As a professional, I danced with San Francisco Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Geneva Ballet, Ballet Basel and was a guest artist with Zürich Ballet. Currently I am a guest ballet teacher for Alvin Ailey and a few small dance companies and schools in Switzerland.

My first introduction to Pilates was as a young dancer, as a obligatory supplement to dance training. It was highly recommended as rehabilitation of an injury and as well preventive therapy. Training in the Pilates method, I witnessed amazing results in my health and a deeper connection of body strength and awareness.

I certified as an instructor in Zurich 2008 and currently give Private lessons, Duets and Group classes at JR ProPilates(ZH) and also train opera singers at the International Opera Studio in Zurich.

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